Puppets Make For REAL Learning Fun!

If you’re anything like me, you probably struggle a bit to incorporate creative writing and arts into your school days.  Odd, isn’t it, that I have that issue?  But it’s true!  We spend so much time reading, and so much time on math that we often leave the arts a bit behind.

I can’t think of a better way to incorporate all kinds of art and creativity that these adorable

Sock Puppet Kits



Hear me out!

  • First of all, these are really fun and economical kits and they even come with a sock!  The most obvious tie-in to art here is, of course, creating the puppet.  All the supplies are included so these are ready to go as soon as they arrive.
  • Then, once the puppets are made, there are tons of other ways to get some serious educational mileage out of these.
  • First, have your child write a play for the puppets.  This is a great opportunity to learn what makes a good story.  Be sure they include a good introduction, some sort of conflict and a resolution.  You’ll probably need at least two puppets for this but you can do more if you have lots of kids so that everyone can have a part.  Younger children might need help writing it all down, but older children can be left alone with this assignment and surprise you with an amazing production later!
  • Next, your kids can devise a stage area.  One great way to do this is to get two tension rods and hang cafe style curtains in a doorway.  The upper curtains can be opened and closed for the stage and the lower curtains conceal the players.
  • Another part of this they may need to think about is back drops.  They can make these on butcher style paper and tape it up in the doorway behind the upper curtains.  Their hand puppets should fit nicely between the backdrop and the lower curtain area.
  • Lastly, have the child or children perform their play.  If they are so inclined, they can add music from a cd player or even a live performance.  They can play instruments, bang drums or even use things like banging a cookie sheet to make thunder etc.  There are instruments every where you look which is another great lesson for them!
  • If you’d like to add some math into the mix, have the children sell tickets to their performance.  Charge them rent for the space and let them decide how much they’ll have to charge for tickets to make a profit.  Perhaps they’ll also have to sell popcorn and soda to make sure they can cover all their expenses.  🙂


See that?

Painting, sculpture, creative writing, drama, music, math and accounting all in one easy lesson!

Take a look here at some of my favorite puppets… I love the sea creatures and the medieval set!  Click to see them all and then tell me: Which are your favorites?

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