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Sock Friends Puppets ™ Kit – Unicorn

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Unicorn Puppet Kit contains everything you need to make one Unicorn puppet.

**These are not currently in our stock, but they are on their way to us!  Back-Order today and we’ll ship to you as soon as stock arrives!  ♥ **

These craft kits have us rather excited here at Little Learning Lovies In A Box!

Each kit comes with

  • A sock
  • Eyes
  • Cut foam pieces
  • Pom poms
  • Chenille stems
  • etc.

Everything you need plus an instruction sheet to make these really cute sock puppets.

Here’s where it gets EXTRA fun, though.

Make several of them and then have your student(s) write a play for their characters.  Then have them perform it for friends and family.  What a fun experience!


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