Rainbow Busy Box


Hand-made with love, this box is full of wonderful learning opportunities.  Each activity is designed to be self-lead so that little ones can be kept happily and gainfully occupied while you work with your older kids, make dinner, or even keep the laundry from molding in the washing machine (or am I the only one with that issue?).  Scroll down to read more about the activities in this box.

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NOTE: If you need this by Christmas, please make sure you order BEFORE Midnight on Friday night, December 19th.  I will ship it out on Saturday and it SHOULD arrive by Christmas Eve (Due to shipping volume this time of year, I can’t guarantee this.  Sorry!)


Our ‘hand-made-with-love’ RAINBOW BUSY BOX comes with

  • 18 felt button links
  • 1 Button Snake with
  • at least 24 felt patterning squares
  • An assortment of colorful objects


There are a LOT of fun activities your child can enjoy with this box.  The felt button links are fun to make a chain with, or to button together end-to-end.  In fact, I can almost guarantee that your Little Lovie will come up with some interesting ways to enjoy these links that you never thought of!

You can also use the links as sorting mats!  Lay out one link of each color and use the objects we provide, or objects found around your home.  Sort the objects onto the links by color!

And last, but certainly not least, you can enjoy even more patterning and buttoning practice with the button snake!  Button on the squares in a random pattern or ask your child to continue a pattern you being.  So much learning!


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