Alphabet Clips with Beginning Sounds Clip Cards


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This is a really pretty and fun set for little ones to play with.


  • 26 Letter Clips with uppercase letters on one side and lowercase letters on the other.
  • 8 Clip Cards (each has 10 pictures on it)
  • Clip Organizing Card (for storing your alphabet clips)
  • Zip top bag to hold it all.
  • BONUS: downloadable file that contains extra black and white cards for you to print if you’d like ♥


How to use it:

A child words with one card at a time.  They look at one of the ten pictures, say the word, decide what letter it begins with and find the clip that shows that letter.  They then clip that letter to the picture.  They continue this until all the pictures are clipped.

Take a look through all the pictures to see more about how these work.  You can also use the clips to spell words.

How We Made It:

The clips are wooden clothes pins.  We printed out pretty alphabet papers on card stock and used decoupage medium to glue and seal the papers to the pins.  Each of the cards was also printed on heavy card stock and then laminated with 3 mil laminate before we carefully cut them out for you and packaged them all up in a zip top bag.  This product was hand made for you by my family and I right here in the USA! ♥


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