FINALLY!! Supplies Are Rolling In! {Wah Hoo!!!}


I heard the truck pull up this morning and shut off the engine.  Could it be?

I peeked out the window to see if the delivery was for me or a neighbor.

I held my breath.

I heard the back door of the truck roll up.

And I saw our sweet UPS driver (who remembers delivering our kids bikes last year!) come out of the truck with two huge boxes up on his shoulders.  He crossed the street and came up OUR driveway with those boxes!  I nearly hugged him I was so grateful!

The kids and I pulled the boxes into the house.  They were HEAVY.  Someone ran to get the scissors so we could open them up.  Moments later, our eyes were met with…

… Hundreds of dollars worth of felt and foam!

If you’ve been following along with the progress of this project, you must have some idea of how I felt at that moment.  Relief at finally having these supplies in hand mingled with a mild dread of the mountain of work in front of me as we ready ourselves to actually MAKE these activities for your sweet children.

This isn’t all of it

There are a lot more supplies that need to get here and it’s been an oddly hard road to source all the materials.  But this shipment marks the first time that I’ll actually be able to get several of our activities made while I wait for the rest of the supplies to show up.  Colorful magnetic fish… rainbow button chain,  button snakes,  shape sorting games and more all came in the boxes today.

Thank you so much for investing in this project.

Each person who pre-ordered these boxes should celebrate today as we get one step closer to completion.  I sincerely appreciate the patience, concern and care I’ve seen from many of you as we battled a variety of unforeseen issues throughout this project and I can’t wait until shipping day! ♥

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