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I love this part of launching a product line!  We’ve had so much enthusiasm, so much excitement and so many customers backing this new venture that we’re finally able to say that we’re completely funded and ready to move forward.

We’re working out and finalizing the ideas that have been tossed around here and most are working out great while others turned out to be, well, not so amazing.

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Today, I get to reveal to you the FULL and FINALIZED Alphabet Busy Box Sample.

Because this is a sample, some things about it might be slightly different when it arrives to you.  I’ll explain all that as we look through it.  Ready?

2 Sets Of Materials… Tons Of Activities!

Remember: Busy Boxes contain re-usable materials wherever possible, so you’ll get TONS of use out of them!


Set 1 –



This is a set of 26 double sided alphabet cards.  They have been printed on heavy card stock and laminated.  On one side, there’s a big picture clue that starts with the letter.  On the other side, there’s an area that shows how to form the upper and lowercase letter and a space where kids can practice drawing them!


We are including a dry erase marker and a felt eraser (colors of both may vary) so that kids can practice forming their letters and clean up after themselves… 😉

These can be used as flash cards (showing the picture side and asking what letter it starts with) handwriting practice and so much more.

Activity 2:


We’re also including a variety of different letter pieces that can be sorted… wood, plastic and chipboard letters and a fun and tactile way to experience the alphabet.  Our intended activity with these is to ask children to sort them onto the picture side of each letter card.  Kids will certainly find lots of things to do with them, though!  And, of course, you could work on spelling simple CVC words with them!


Set 2 –


It’s important to remember that BOTH of these sets of materials come together in ONE Busy Box!  🙂


These two part puzzles are printed on heavy card stock, laminated on their fronts and mounted on squishy foam!  They are durable and easy to handle.  Each puzzle has two pieces.  The main area shows the picture clue (same clue as on the cards in activity 1) and each piece has either the upper case or the lower case letter on it.

Our activity ideas for this include the obvious (using them as two part puzzles!) and… Using them as a Memory style game!

This sample set was mounted on black foam because, well, it’s what I had handy.  In production, these sets will be mounted on bright colors (same color for each set though the color may vary from set to set).


Doesn’t this look so fun?

Remember, you get ALL of this in ONE Busy Box!

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