Busy Box #1 is Finished

We’ve been hard at work sourcing great materials for YOUR KIDS to have fun with.  Our first of 6 Busy Boxes is sourced out and the prototype is complete… Take a look:



Busy Box #1 (which I’m still trying to decide on a name for…) will have three main activities and dozens more that your kids will come up with all on their own!


Activity 1: The Felt Chain

Kids can practice their buttoning skills as they learn colors and patterns with this fun set of felt strips.  Each strip has a button hole on one end and a big chunky bright button on the other end.  Kids can link each together by buttoning one button into another strips hole.  Once they’ve mastered that, they can make a different chain by buttoning one button into it’s own button hole, then slipping another strip through the loop and buttoning THAT one to itself.  Think Paper Chain only with felt loops.  VERY fun.  There are lots of other ways that your kids will discover to use these links and loops.  My own 3 year old has amazed me with what she can do with these things.  And she is now a master buttoner!

Activity 2: The Color Sort

For this activity, kids will lay out one of each color of the links from activity 1.  Then they’ll use the small materials provided in the baggie and sort them all out by color onto each strip.  They will then likely run around the house looking for other things to sort onto their strips.  Lots of fun and kids LOVE feeling the feathers and buttons, beads and sequins.

Activity 3: The Button Snake

This activity is great buttoning and patterning practice.  The Button Snake comes with 24 felt squares, each with a button hole in the middle.  The snake itself has one square sewn to the end of it to keep all the others in place.  Children can button on all the squares to design their own snake.  They can choose any patterns they’d like to and will usually naturally create interesting patterns without much prodding from a grown up.  Perhaps the most fun part of this activity is the imaginative play end of it.  Once kids hear that it’s a snake, they seem to want to enjoy some pretend play, allowing their snake to explore the house and all the people and things in it.

Don’t these look and sound so fun?

We’ll be sharing more posts about each Busy Box as we finalize the sourcing and design of each one.  You can keep helping us out by pre-ordering yours here!  We’ll reward you with free downloads of your choice from the Little Learning Lovies Store!

We’ll have 6 of these in all to get us started this Summer and I can’t wait to show them all to you!  Here’s the list of them all:

  • Rainbow Box (colors and buttoning practice, Imaginative Play)
  • Pond Box (counting and colors with a frog/pond theme, Imaginative Play)
  • Alphabet Box (Letter shapes, Upper and Lowercase)
  • Shape Box (Shapes, Size Sequencing)
  • Number Box (counting, sequencing, sorting)
  • Farm Box (Counting, Colors, Size, Imaginative Play)
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5 comments on “Busy Box #1 is Finished
  1. Thanks for linking at #pintasticpinterestingparty. I am in need of these for my house! My boys are at the perfect age and this will create lots of hours of play!

    • SandraM says:

      We are testing these at our house right now and I can see that they have some serious staying power! 🙂 They are great for the activities I originally had in mind, but then the kids find dozens of other ways to play with them. So far, this has been the most requested toy in the house ♥ Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I hope we see you stop by again soon ….

  2. Valerie says:

    These look like they would work great in my preschool classroom. Do the items come already in a box ready to go? If so may I ask the dimensions of the boxes. Only reason I am asking is that I am limited on space and I’m interested in all six boxes so trying to configure where I could put them so the kids have easy access to them. These look amazing and one less thing i have to do sounds great to me. Thank you. Mrs. Valerie 🙂

    • SandraM says:

      Each set of activities comes in a box, ready to be played with and ready to be kept nice and neat in an easy way! 🙂 We include instructions for teachers/parents who can then choose to guide children to use the materials for a certain learning activity or the children can be left to explore the materials on their own. I am amazed daily by the things my 3 year old comes up with to do with these things! lol Thanks for asking!

    • SandraM says:

      Eek! The system only showed me the first little part of your message. I just saw the rest! Our first 6 boxes are all going to be the same. Future boxes MIGHT be a different size, but this set will be 7.75 x 5 x 4.825 inches. I hope that helps! I chose this box exactly so that it would fit nicely on a book case and they could be lined up and easy to get to. We’ll also have labels on the front and the sides to make it easy for kids and teachers/parents to find the activities they want! ♥

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