Little Learning Lovies In A Box!

Little Learning Lovies has enjoyed bringing printable games into homes all over the world for the past several years.  Families and teachers have used our printables for homeschooling, preschool and day care, public classrooms, after school programs, summer bridge work, and so much more.  One of the barriers we’ve seen, however, is that some teachers and parents simply don’t have the time or equipment to produce our printable games.  At first, we tried to solve this problem by offering a printing service (which we still do!).  However it soon became evident that our customers wanted something more.

So we created this lovely concept: Little Learning Lovies In A Box… Where every game is ready made and shipped to your door, ready to play.  My family and I work together to hand create MOST of these games and activities with high quality materials (some are produced by other companies).  Each concept is tested in our home before it’s presented to you to make sure the materials are durable enough to stand up to your little ones.

Games that are made by hand, here in our home, are available in very limited quantities.  You can always back order a product though, and we’ll make it for you.  If you are ordering for a special occasion and need your order shipped by a certain date, please make sure you note that in your order comments.  We’ll do our best to accommodate you and notify you immediately if we can’t.



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